Friday, April 4, 2008

remembering when...

this is a just because post. just because i love this picture of you and mr. nick. jb you let me be a part of this special day. jb we have been friends for 15 years (yeah i did the math and i can't believe it either). jb we lived together for two of them. jb you always laugh at my jokes, and i groan at your puns. jb we only see each other once a year, but it feels like no time has passed. jb you always shared your clothes, your ideas, and the answers to homework. jb i have suddenly developed a case of insomnia (it's 450am). jb you read the blog regularly AND comment. jb i love ya, ol' girl...and you are missed. and just because i would NEVER forget sister mary jenny singing sheryl crow!! :)


Jenny said...

oh my goodness, i almost cried reading this post ... it's so touching and sweet. wow ... it's been at least 15 years ... maybe longer since we lived next door to each other at the end of '92. somer renee, you've been such an important part of my life, and i feel so lucky that we've been able to stay close all these years despite the physical distance. i'm so happy you have this blog so i can check on the haps of you and your beautiful family. love you lots and lots... xoxo jenny

ps. i also remember us doing the lisa loeb song "stay". good times ... :-)

Susan said...

Stay brings back memories for me too! Good song. Classic.
Anyhow, I had somewhat of a sleepless night myself, but not due to insomnia, due to tornado warnings and being in the storm cellar at midnight. Ugghhh! Has there been a year before as bad as this?!