Wednesday, April 2, 2008

an old dog...times two

the old saying goes, "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." well...i beg to differ. yesterday was monday louise's 11th birthday, and that ol' girl has STILL got it!

and as for her old momma...well, i hope you are enjoying my newest addition to the blog: a playlist. i've never been a HUGE music buff, so bear with me...i like what i like (mostly from the old high school days), but i am open to me out here, leave a comment about your favorite tune and i'll add it! :)
look at us when we were babies...monday 2, somer 22! happy birthday to my first baby, momo!


CathyBB said...

*Happy birthday, Monday!*

I'm fairly certain that was the first time I've wished a happy birthday to an animal!!! I hope Monday is impressed. ;)

CathyBB said...

Disclaimer to dog-lovers out there... I'm just allergic, not evil! ;)

Susan said...

Happy B-day Momo, you don't look at day over 75!

P.S. Mamaw just informed me that she leaves us comments alllll the time...just about every post. I've never gotten one, have you? I think the word verification may be messin' her up.

P.S.S. Add some Buffett!

clif, somer, vivian & bauer said...

buffett added for su, elvis and grateful dead for cliffie...and soon to come, liz phair for somer! :)

Jenny said...

i love keeping updated with you and the fam. happy bday, monday! :-)

i remember we used to sing that sheryl crow song together ... you remember???

xoxo jmt

Anonymous said...

som i love your music that is my kind of music tell monday happy birthday and bauer vivian i love them maw day

Christy said...

It must be're playing my 2 fav Indigo Girls songs!

And CathyBB wished a dog happy b-day without sneezing. Amazing. Add some vintage Toby Keith for her. Or Janice Joplin. Or Chris LeDoux. Or that cute boy from the Princess Diaries that she always listens to on RadioDisney.....

Great blog, BEAUTIFUL family.
love from the North.