Thursday, April 3, 2008


happy, happy, birthday to our mawmaw day! here she is with miss vivian last may.

and to honor her birthday...ok, maybe because denny was 41 weeks pregnant...the newest addition to the buttrey family arrived this morning at 8:45. welcome miss bella rose buttrey. she and mom (and dad, too) are doing great!

congratulations and happy birthday to our great mawmaw, and beautiful, baby bella!!


Susan said...

She looks great after giving birth, waaaaaay better than I did that's for sure! Happy Mamaw-Day!
I got me a playlist, but mine shows; how does yours not?

Anonymous said...

miss vivian you have to come see maw soon and help me fed the cows cute baby love mawyou too bauer

Stephanie Reeves said...

I don't usually like music on blogs because I end up having to listen some junk and it slows down my computer. But, this didn't slow down my computer and it's actually music that I would've picked myself. I didn't know that you liked Indigo Girls!! They are my all time fave. All you need now is some Phish. =)