Sunday, May 4, 2008

the perfect truth

after a very interesting (and wonderfully stimulating) conversation with someone the other day i was inspired to write a little "truth" post. i wasn't really sure how\what i wanted to say until yesterday. upon returning home from the store, i saw clif coming up the hill from the lake pulling the kids in the wagon. i thought to myself..."aaaaah, what an ideal moment. i MUST run inside and get the camera and take a picture of my perfect little family." HOWEVER, by the time i ran in, grabbed the camera, and came back out this is what i got. vivian was screaming to hold bauer, bauer was crying because after he saw me for a second i had disappeared, clif was frustrated, and i was flustering about trying to get everyone's attention and failing! ;)

finally i got it, and i started to laugh. here is the "truth": i love my life, but my life isn't perfect, nor would i want it to be...and neither is anyone else's. in this world of blog, it seems as if every weekend is filled with parties, zoo trips, and happily ever afters...and somehow the pressure to be the perfect mom\wife\employee\daughter\in-law\friend\etc. can become overwhelming. so knowing the truth, and not trying to live above it, sometimes can be tricky.

but here is the beauty of knowing the truth: it makes all those brief moments of perfection even better...AND gives you great fuel for laughter concerning the crazy moments! so take heart, take a moment, and relax...laugh at yourself...i promise, things will end up a lot better than perfect!


CathyBB said...

This post was precious. I laughed looong and hard! But it's quite sweet!

P.S. This doesn't mean I have to post a picture of my laundry room now, though, does it? ;)

Susan said...

Well put.

Amy and David said...

What a true post!!!

melissa said...

Great post!

Jenny said...

well said, somer. personally, "perfect" lives are a little too boring for my taste. i like life a little spicy. :-) love all the pix. i'll see you in a little over a month. how exciting is that?!

Kelly said...

Thank you for your comment. I have actually looked at your blog before in the past. I liked it because I thought you and your husband were so cute and looked so nice and your kids are adorable (and I LOVE their names!)
I'm SOOOOOO sorry about your mother. I can't imagine how it would feel to lose your mother. I didn't mention it on my blog but mother's day is hard when you have lost a loved one like a mother. You have every right for that day to be hard. But I know you know what a precious gift your children are!
Thanks so much for sharing with me!