Sunday, May 4, 2008


i know the picture quality is less than great but i HAD to share. these are vivian's tub-time drawings. that kid is really a sponge!! let me explain, i am constantly drawing faces for her (what can i say, my on-the-spot drawing abilities are limited), but i didn't know she was paying such close attention.

then today she said, "look mommy, it's my frappy face! (translation happy face)" and this is what was on the wall!! i thought it must have been just luck so i asked her to do it again...

and this was her second attempt. she did several more too!! what a big girl...i knew there was something clark in that kid!! :)


CathyBB said...

I was going to call you today about Luke's birthday door sign/painting/thingamabob... and thinking I may get good at this by NEXT year. Now I'm afraid VIVIAN will pass me by! ;)

Susan said...

Yes, artistic ability is not a Day trait. No musical or artsy talents in our genes unfortunately.