Wednesday, June 11, 2008

drew and vivian sitting in a tree...

K-I-S-S-I-N-G!! seriously, have you every seen more of an old married couple?! these two LOVE each, we were only too happy to accept an invite over to the dillman's for a little lunch and pool time.

the kids were SO good at the picnic table...but who wouldn't be? don't you love a good apple and uncrustable?! not to mention a super yummy juice box!

then sweet vivian helped her brother apply sunscreen.

time for a dip!

ok, so about this is actually a swim diaper. (which non-potty-trained babies are required to wear) but this one might be a weeeee-bit too small! ok, so it is just plain ridiculous, but pretty funny for pictures, right?! after a long morning of playing...the kids were willing to sit for a little picture, talk about stair-stepped. (drew will be 3 august 28th, ben 2 on september 8th, and vivian 3 on the 9th.) they are so sweet!!

and of course, i know you were wondering about big 9 1/2 month old mr. bauer...well, after a quick swimsuit change he headed to his favorite spot at the dillman house, the swing!

that is one happy baby!! :)


CathyBB said...

Precious, all of them!

I especially like how Bauer's little toes even look excited on that swing. =)

Susan said...

Man, the Dillmans have a backyard paradise! I see swings, pool, slides, picnic table, all kinds of fun stuff!

John, Shannon, & Jackson: said...

I absolutely LOVE Bauer's little swim diaper! Only he could look that cute in it.

Jenny said...

i laughed for about 5 minutes straight seeing bauer in that swim diaper. :-D he's like a little sumo wrestler in that thing! and i love, love, love that picture of vivian with drew. you're matchmaking at such an early age! :-) xoxo