Wednesday, June 11, 2008

a little help with dinner

bauer has become a little bit of a momma's boy lately. in other words, he needs to be held ALL the time. his happiness is in direct correlation to his proximity to his mother (or more specifically her bosom). so making dinner is a bit of a challenge. today i decided to try a trick my mom used...

"hmmm.....what are these," he says.

"hey, i like this!"

"look, mom, these are cool!"
but wait...half way through the green beans, and before i could get the cake made...this is what started to happen...

"mom, hey, it's me bauer...i need you to pick me up now, it has been five minutes."

"hey mom, still down here...can you feel me pulling at your skirt? please pick me up...we don't really need cake anyway."

"maaaaaa.....m-m-m-maaaaaaaa!!!!!!! this is child cruelty! forget the cake...pick me up!"
in case you were wondering, we had lemon jumbles for dessert. ;)


CathyBB said...

Ohhhh, hang in there, Momma! Natalie had the same happiness/mommy proximity meter, too. And NOW look at her... sniff... sniff... ;)

But really, hang in there and just keep remembering how very, very special those second-born children ALWAYS are! ;)

Susan said...

Yes, girl, I understand! Setler will pull my pants down practically trying to climb up me while I stand at the stove. I also have to pee-pee with him staring at me with his hand on my knee. Heaven forbid I have privacy! I feel ya!

John, Shannon, & Jackson: said...

I miss those days - it's weird but I do. Jackson is too busy running and getting everything now.

Jenny said...

tee hee! i shouldn't laugh at bauer wanting his mama so much, but it's much too cute. he's becoming a mama's boy! i can definitely understand why, though! :-) xoxo