Wednesday, July 30, 2008

THE chocolate syrup

so most of you know the story by now, but just in case you don' goes:
today, after a very long morning, it was time for vivian's nap. our pre-nap dialogue went a little like this...
m: would like some water?
v: no. chocolate milk, please.
m: no, vivian. not before bed, how about some water?
v: no mom, chocolate milk.
m: i'm sorry, no. it's water of nothing. you may have chocolate milk as a reward for taking a good nap.
v: ok, mom.
miss vivian gives me a kiss and heads to bed. ahhh, time to shower...i jump in and out in less than five minutes....wait, did i hear something?....nnnnnaaaaaaaaa. ok, blow dry hair...was that a noise? nope. start to fix...definitely hear something! will just peek at miss vivian. as i walk out of my room i notice her door is cracked and she is peeking out at me....dialogue follows:
m: vivian what are you doing?
v: nothing. (big brown eyes blink-blink-blink in innocence.)
m: what is that on your face?
v: what? (like she is suddenly hard of hearing.)
m: what is that smell? (it is a disgusting sick-y-sweet-y-nasty smell)
v: i thirsty.
m: what?! vivian, what is going on?
at this point i realize something is very VERY wrong. i open the door to find THIS:
an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF CHOCOLATE SYRUP 64OZ.(just opened the day before!) all over the room!!

and can i just say these DO NOT do it justice. it was on the couch, on the walls, on the floor, on the door...

on the mattress, on the sheets, on the babies, on the pillows, UNDER the sheets, under the rugs,

in the doll furniture, on the bumpers, in the babies eyes...i mean EVERYWHERE!!

i swear it was literally dripping from the furniture!! it looks like a bad csi episode!!! and all this happened in a matter of minutes. i was horrified, shocked, and totally insanely wanting to laugh but knew better. i took vivian (also COMPLETELY covered in chocolate syrup) to my shower and put her in, clothes and all, and told her to wait there for me. only then was it safe to take a few photos. :) luckily, clif was en route home, bauer was asleep, and jill called at just the right time to check online "how to remove syrup from carpet". so after an industrial carpet cleaner was rented, six loads of linens and various baby items were laundered, furniture was scrubbed a third time and daddy banned any and all chocolate syrup for the next two weeks, i finally sat down to ask vivian what happened.
m: vivian i want to talk to you about what happened today.
v: ok, mommy.
m: why did you get the chocolate syrup? (i figured she got it out of the fridge when i was in the shower.)
v: i needed it.
m: for what honey?
v: i was thirsty.
m: ok, but that was a lot of syrup.
v: i know mommy, it was too much. that why i shared it with my babies!
indeed miss vivian you did. :)

here is what that pillow in the first picture (yeah it's that brown thing on the ground) SHOULD look like. i told you it was EVERYWHERE!!


Jenny said...

OMG! that is incredible! that is a whole lot of chocolate. how did she get the chocolate? she sure is a wily girl! good job with the cleaning. it's amazing all of it came out! i don't know if i'll look at chocolate sauce the same again!

Anonymous said...

Buy NO MORE chocolate syrup. Gee

The Skinner's said...

Oh My,Somer!
As I was reading this my jaw was wide open! I then realized that I probably looked funny with my mouth standing wide open while my eyes were glued to your blog!
I can't believe she did that in only a matter of minutes! Bless your heart for staying so calm! I wuld've been a basket case!!!!

Megan said...

Oh my stars! Vivian was serious about wanting some chocolate milk. Wait, she didn't get out the milk-that's a good thing. Sorry, but I can't stop laughing!!

Susan said...

Oh, I wouldn't have been laughing. Kudos to you for not screaming and spanking like a crazy woman. Unbelievable! So gald everything was restored back to its orignal state though! Might have to start strapping her down to the bed for naps, huh? hehe

CathyBB said...

I think I'm going to declare a moratorium on chocolate syrup at my house, too, just as a declaration of solidarity! ;)

And if, Heaven forbid, I ever need intense cleaning, I am TOTALLY calling you for advice!!!!! =)

Christy said...

Oh my Somer! I apologize for laughing, but this situation is just hilarious!! You definitely win Mother of the, Mother of the Decade...nope, this qualifies you for automatic Mother of the Century!!!!!! Very few of us would be so calm as to take pictures, clean and then discuss. If this had happened here, ya'll would have heard the roars in Arkansas!

Find comfort in knowing you're not alone. I know of a child who did this to the kitchen floor - the ENTIRE kitchen floor. All of it, completely covered in chocolate syrup... just before they had to leave for church!

God bless you Somer. You're one good momma. (you gotta be just a bit proud that you're raising your daughter to be independent.) =)

Anonymous said...

Mommas do what Mommas have to do! But, I have one question - where is the picture of Vivian covered in chocolate? That is the money shot.

Stacia said...

That is a pillow? I was trying to figure that out, so sorry to laugh but this is hysterical...I would n ot have been able to contain myself ;)

The Walkers said...

You are amazing to have gotten it all up!!!! I couldn't WAIT to see the pictures after hearing the story from you. AMAZING!!!

Cynthia said...

you are indeed a saint. and i thought i was a chocoholic! this is really... a new level.

Stephanie Reeves said...

The next time my kids are REALLY stressing me out, I'll just pull up your blog and look at these photos and thank God that neither one of mine did THAT today!!

The Buttrey Family said...

Somer- I have to say, Viv has got some spunk! You are going to have challenges, but how much fun it will be to watch that girl go. Well, at least when you are not feeling like wringing her neck. Amazing clean-up job! Love the Viv.