Tuesday, August 5, 2008

bauer's first "sketti"

LOVE this face!!! really...are words even needed?!

"hey mom, look! you want some?"

"oh yeah? well you've got some on your nose too!"

"don't forget to take my picture mommy. i'm eating spaghetti too."

oh, but wait someone else in the house likes mommy's cooking. (no wonder the crazy dog has gained twenty pounds!)


Susan said...

That last pictures is an everyday occurance in my house. But, hey, I don't mind. I NEVER have to sweep up or even bend over to pick up renegade crumbs with Ruger and Ches inside. I realize how messy Set is only when we go to restaurants. I wish I could pack my little doggie vacuums in my purse.

CathyBB said...

Oh, you KNOW how much I love "sketti" pictures! =) Bauer is a champ!

Jenny said...

I'm getting hungry just looking at those pictures! You can make sketti for me anytime! :-)