Sunday, July 20, 2008

church picnic sunday

most sundays we make our way to the back row of fumc. it is a tradition that i am so happy to carry on. i spend many a sunday as a child next to my mother on this very bench. and i know i have said it before, but there is something very comfortable to me about the loving "history" the church and our family share. last sunday i couldn't help but sneak this shot...

aren't they cute? and speaking of cute...i bet this is the cutest picnic attendee ever!!

ooops...ok, maybe there is a three way tie...these two*are pretty darn cute too!

*take a look at that desert. a cake nene let vivian decorate with bauer's graham crackers. what silly goose-s they are! :)


Susan said...

Though I'm no longer a member, I still experience a feeling of nostalgia and happiness entering those doors of FUMC-NLR as well.
P.S. What is smocked on those outfits?

CathyBB said...

I love the picture of Vivian and Granny B!!! Beautiful!

And by the way, I see you found better sponge rollers for Vivian! ;)