Sunday, July 20, 2008

texarkana or bust

on thursday (since daddy was STILL in denver) we decided we would head to aunt shannon's to spend a little time with the crow clan. after dinner we went outside to play and admire shannon's new landscaping. we thought we might get a little group shot...
well, maybe later. ;) bauer and jackson had a great time riding around in the radio flyer.
if only SOMEONE knew how to merge these two jackson\bauer photos to make one shot...hmmm who could that be?!
vivian had a great time trying out jackson's scooter. we might need one of those. they are super cool!
soon baby bauer had enough sun and needed a shady spot to sit, aunt shannon was only too happy to oblige and offer her lap!
after all that play it was time for a bath...
what a bunch of crazy wait....
here are the truly crazy kiddos. while i was drying bauer, shannon was almost drowned by these two silly monkeys!
look how proud they are of their big mess. we basically just took it easy and did a bunch of nothing...and it was better than GREAT! the next day we played outside in the pool, in the sprinkler and on the slide. and when the kids went down for a very brief nap, shannon and i plotted together to get some great group shots. these are the results:
shannon thought they might be happier on a blanket. good idea...but nope.
i thought they might be happier standing. good idea...but a no go.
maybe we'll have more success with just two of them...ahhh that worked!
what sweet smiles. i still can't believe how much they look alike!
wait...vivian wants in on some of this action! :) so finally, we gave up...we figure there will be plenty of years to take pictures. after a brief stop at target we headed home for a very late dinner and to pick up daddy at the airport the next morning. when i got in the car to leave the outside temp read 104!! (by the time i could locate my camera in my purse it said 102), but i had to take this picture for someone...oh, you know who you are!


Susan said...

What a fun trip and cousin time! Hope you're ready for more tomorrow!

Jenny said...

those kids are AWE-SOME! i remember looooooving to play with my cousins. so fun! everyone is growing into such beautiful people.

and it is HOT! OMG! i did finally put an air conditioner in the bedroom a couple of weeks ago. it finally got hot enough here where i needed one. :-) xoxo

CathyBB said...

Well this post now pales in comparison since I got the phone call telling me the heat has actually now KILLED the temp readings in your car! =)

I love the picture of the boys. Hang in there for the group shot - we didn't really get a good "cousins" photo until Nicky was 2!

Megan said...

Cousin time is so fun! Gotta love the (South) AR heat-NOT!