Friday, July 11, 2008

princess party

sweet ruby turned three on the 8th, and today was her party. it was princess themed, what else is there when you are three?

the girls had a great time in their matching crowns.
and stephanie (as usual) had thought of everything. she even had fancy nancy coloring pages, which the girls LOVED!
look at that big girl blowing out the birthday candles on her cake...
and what an amazing cake it was! can you believe ruby's yaya made it?
and didn't you know, even royalty must jump on the trampoline!? ;) the party was amazing...but it must be hard to be a princess...
look who i caught having a little candy treat as they relaxed after the big day! :) happy birthday ruby, thanks for letting us be a part of your special day. we love you!!


CathyBB said...

You had me at the post title... "Princess Party," what could be better??? I wish I could have been at this party - killer cake, fruit kabobs and a wardrobe change! Love it! =)

The Skinner's said...

Looks like the Princess' both had a wonderful time @ Ruby's party!
They are too cute!!!

Megan said...

Sooo cute! I love the matching crowns and that cake-WOW!

Susan said...

Fun stuff! Vivian is as close to having a "princess" as Seth and I'll get I have a feeling.
P.S. Next time you're in Maumelle, you're in trouble if you don't come visit, Missy.