Friday, July 11, 2008

party prep

every girl knows that for the big party there is a little bit of pre-party prep work. you have to make sure you have your hair, make-up, accessories, and outfit all worked out.

luckily, vivian has a wonderful assistant* who tests all of her wardrobe choices.

and even spends time checking accessory durability. unfortunately, vivian's hair team fell a bit short this time, misjudging the size sponge roller that would be appropriate for this event.

this morning she woke up looking a bit....let's just say her daddy's nickname of "frizzella" was spot-on!

ohhh the diva drama. don't worry crisis was averted by a quick thinking mommy, and a VERY strong roller brush! (*it was clif's idea to put bauer in the dress, just for the record.)


CathyBB said...

This one nearly knocked me from my seat. =) Vivian's hair doesn't look unlike my prom 'do, circa 1990!!!! I made the same mistake choosing the roller size. =)

The Skinner's said...

Oh dear, I was laughing so hard!!
Bless her lil' heart!!!
But, I must say, you pulled it off b/c Miss Vivian's hair looks just beautiful for the Par-Tay!!!!!!
ADORABLE BAUER..........he's going to be mad @ you when he's a Senior in HS & you show this to his girlfriend!!!! (my brother was,haha)

Tony, Jennifer, and Nick said...

We have such cute cousins!!! I like that cute little winking thing Vivian is doing in her pictures these days... Bauer is getting to be such a big boy:) I can't wait to meet him...

Megan said...

Bauer is going to get you and Cliff for these pictures one day! Are you growing your hair out? It looks pretty.

Susan said...

Cute dress...and I'm not talking about the princess', but the Queen Mama's. I used to use sponge rollers all the time as a little girl. Like Forest says, "You never know what you're gonna get!" the next morning. :)
P.S. You know Seth would NEVER stand for Setler to be in a pink dress....or any dress!

Kelly said...

She is so cute! I can't beleive you put Bauer in taht dress! ha!
I had many a sponge roller incident like that myself growing up!