Saturday, August 30, 2008

birthday boy bauer!

ok, so i promised myself i wouldn't get all mushy with THIS post...but look at that gorgeous baby!!

how is it possible that an entire year has gone by?! sniff..sniff...ok, enough. so today was bauer's party and (if i do say so myself) it was GREAT!
here is the family in front of the gift from mommy and daddy (yes, one gift...they are only ten days apart they can share.) it's a new playhouse. it is super cool...i promise to post more picture of it soon.

popa and dot dot came, so bauer (of course) had to get a little lovin' from his grandpa.

i don't do "themes" very well, or party favors, so here was my attempt at both. the idea is "our little sweet is turning one". so here were the sweet treats, and each kid got to take them home.

i LOVE this picture of setler. i don't know what in the world he is excited about, but i sure am glad he is enjoying himself.

and so are aunt shannon and cousin jackson!
looks like thomas is too...can you believe that playhouse is so big that harriett, thomas, vivian, harrison, jackson, and bauer were all in there at once?
finally, after all that play it was time for a little cake. i must say, i was super proud of my cake idea. it came out quite nicely.
i guess we look a little bit proud.....but wouldn't you?! :)
mmmm....cake is good.
"hey cousin jackson. did you see my cake?"
"yeah man, it looks good. do you like it?"
"you better believe I LOVE IT!"
my friend jill took this picture, at first i didn't get why, but most babies on their first birthday leave a HUGE mess. are you asking where the mess is? well, that's the point. bauer ate it ALL!!

next it was time for presents, luckily, gege gave us a much needed hand.
it was a beautiful day, with great friends and family! thanks to everyone for making our big birthday boy's day so very special!!


CathyBB said...

Ohhh I'm so glad you have the posts up! I was thinking about you yesterday!

Cilla Clark said...

Yum, that cake looks good. Glad y'all had a great birthday! We miss y'all.

Megan said...

Love the cake, theme, pictures, and your description of everything, but really I love that cutie Bauer! Happy Birthday!

Susan said...

We had a great time. Good party! I think Setler was super excited about that purple balloon! And, he looks super tall from that angle! Bauer is so precious and HAPPY!

Stacia said...

The cake is adorable =)