Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a good sport

many people told me that vivian would think bauer was her baby (my mother included), but i had no idea that an older sibling had this much parental intuition. i must admit i find it sweet, loving and downright HILARIOUS...here are just a few moments of sibling love:

yes, that is bauer on the left...wearing one of my dresses from when i was little. vivian kindly pointed out that i wasn't sharing when i only dressed her up. (her point WAS valid.)
"hey mom, these aren't going to be in my senior yearbook are they?"
ohhhh...you bet your bippy they are mister! ;)
next, it was onto the fairy portion of dressup play. aren't they the sweetest little good fairies?!
what a pretty fairy princess!

ummmm....maybe this is ole miss tinkerbell? i'm not sure.
ok, i guess maybe bauer has had enough...i think this might be grumpy fairy! ;)


CathyBB said...

I can't wait for Nattie to see these dressup outfits!

Jenny said...

And I don't need to say again that there are way more embarrassing pictures of Bauer than there are of Miss Vivian. Vivian with an Ole Miss OR hat is definitely not as embarrassing as Bauer chewing on tampons or grump-faced Bauer with a tutu and fairy wings or Bauer in your old dress. That's all I'm saying ... I love them both, but I'm just doing the math. :-)