Tuesday, August 5, 2008

mini monkey miss vivian

today was vivian's first gymnastics class. i don't know who was more excited me or her.

she looked so sweet in her "nastics" outift, but for some unknown reason did not want to smile for the camera. take one.

take two.

take three? ok, let's just go. we were a bit early, so even bauer got to play a little. (and even bauer apparently didn't want his picture taken.)

finally it was time. there were four girls in the mini monkey class (and yes, vivian was the smallest.)

but she was also the cutest and most enthusiastic!

weeeee! sliding down the wedge...

and a front roll with help from miss mandy.

look at that excited little face! we were even treated to dinner afterwards at the mcd's tree house where we met the lee boys. i'm so proud of you, miss vivian...you are such a fun, smart, and beautiful big girl! mommy loves you!!


Susan said...

Love the "nastics" outfit. Though, it looks itchy in that first picture.

CathyBB said...

And she can even roll over the hairbow! Well done! ;)

Jenny said...

great snaps! i think it's great that she's the smallest! lower center of gravity means easier gymnastics is for her! woo hoo! :-)