Wednesday, August 6, 2008

happy hump day

wednesdays are supposed to be yucky (or so i hear), but if that is true today proved to be the exception. we had a great playdate with the always sweet dillman boys. topped off with a so-so lunch and yummy homemade cupcakes. or at least miss vivian...

and big man drew thought so! then a nice quite visit with miss kat and the brand new nate. (his momma calls him nater-tater, which i think is super cute.) this amazing woman gave birth six weeks ago (in her bathroom at home*) and is wearing her pre-pregnancy jeans! i would say i hate her, but you gotta love a woman who can do all that, AND remodel a kitchen! :)

and during our fun visit, nate even gave us one of his signature old man faces...aaaaaaahhhh! yep, i definitely have baby fever....sigh.

*seriously, check out the link...the story is UN-BE-LIEVABLE!


katandkarl said...

haha!! love the old man faces.

thanks for entertaining us - i think miss vivian might have a younger boyfriend - she was so sweet with him.

Jenny said...

the story sounded so cool! yay for the doula and assistant doula! so important! it's like ricki lake except ricki lake intentionally had her baby in her bathtub. :-)