Sunday, September 14, 2008

the ACTUAL day of birth

tuesday, september the 9th was vivan's ACTUAL birthday. we started the day off right by heading out to school.

after a quick stop by gege's office...

and a reminder of just how old the birthday girl was...

("see mom, i'm three!")

it was off to class. vivian brought cookies for all of her classmates, and her teachers made her a special birthday crown. but she said her favorite part was the "birthday song".

then it was off to gymnastics in her new leotard (a present from mommy and daddy), to do her best ta-da pose.

then popa and dotdot met us at mcd's for a little dinner. they even had a few mermaid surprises for vivian, including a coloring book and bracelet. it was a great way to end a great 3rd birthday!! :)


CathyBB said...

1. Yippee! I just emailed you to say I was waiting for the update.

2. Who's the nanny - you know, the college-age-looking girl in the picture with your kids in the car... is she old enough to take care of children? ;)

3. PRECIOUS - we have pictures of Luke and Natalie on Luke's third birthday, visiting Bobbie at her office, and Luke is doing the "I'm 3" thing, too!!! (He didn't have the adorable side ponytail though.)

4. LOVE the dress... HOW could you hold out on me and not show me this before? =)

5. The new gymnastics suit is just TOO cha-cha for words!

6. The picture with your dad is so sweet!

CathyBB said...

I'll be looking for the party report but I'm outta here in the meantime... TODAY IS THE DAY the Mustang gets its new owner!!! YIPPEEE!!!

CathyBB said...

Yes, I know I just commented "yippee" twice in a row. I'm a journalist... really, I am. (Sigh.) =)

Amy & Daniel Day said...

The pictures of the party are amazing!!! The kids are getting so big! Email me, I have a question to ask you.