Sunday, September 7, 2008

three years ago...

yep, that's's almost time for ANOTHER day birthday. on tuesday, miss vivian will be three!! a dear friend of mine asked me, "can you believe you are the mother of a three year old?" of course, the answer is, "NO!!!" but (sigh!) here, indeed, is the photographic proof...

the week before her first birthday.

before her one year doctor appointment with mommy.

the first day of school.

swimming in popa's pool summer of 2006 (with rare cameo by monday).

daddy teaching her all about golf, april 2006.

first swim in the ocean, may 2007.

in daddy's tie, with mommy's purse.

our first bikini (look at those abs) may 2006.

first and last biter biscuit (incidentally, also first time mommy did the heimlich on her own child).

posing in daddy's belt.

the summer we spent in dallas with brinker (2006).

grillin' with dad...and maybe tasting?! ;)
you've come a long way big girl. we are so proud of you...and can't wait to see what your future holds!!


Stacia said...

Happy Happy Birthday Vivian!

CathyBB said...

I was going to be all in favor of the "flashback" post, but now I'm nearly in tears! Where has this little baby girl gone??? Waaaa!!! ;)

Happy birthday celebration to ALL of you!

John, Shannon, and Jackson: said...

Absolutely the cutest, sweetest, niece EVER!!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Vivian! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday sweet niece/cousin Vivian! See ya for the party Saturday!

melissa said...

Thanks for the lovely comment! Really enjoy your blog...Happy B-day to the kiddos!

Cilla Clark said...

Happy Birthday to YOU, Miss Vivian! Sorry we will miss your party (we're in Destin for a long needed vacation!) Hope you have a great day. We will be thinking of you.
Parker and Cilla