Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ketchup, catsup, catch-up

so as you may (or may not) have noticed...i have been a little mia. it was a much needed mini-break from blogging. the truth is i LOVE to document all of the sweet things these little munchkins (and occasionally us big munchkins) do, but it gets a bit overwhelming at times...i mean can you say SEVEN birthday parties this month? that is A LOT!! so here is a bit of "ketchup" for you. random things we have been up to. please know that i normally spend time chronologically organizing photos, but i didn't for this post. the scattered nature is very indicative of the last month of our lives...ENJOY! also be sure to scroll ALLLL the way down for some very important info...

ol' smiley! you take the kid to the park and all he wants to do is steal other kids' sippy cups and eat leaves...silly boy!

the playhouse has been a BIG hit. they both love to hang out and take turns playing "big bad wolf".

he will always be my baby...and a pretty one at that!

last saturday we returned to funland, this time with the lee's. thomas LOVED the cars.

the kiddos were so excited they couldn't hold still for a picture. :)

vivian adores hbl.

we also have had lots of fun with those sweet dillman boys. here ben is having a great time at the park.

sweet little miss vivian.

handsome big boy drew.

oh did i mention bauer is OBSESSED with eating? the other day he helped himself to an entire BOX of cheerios!

is he laughing from happiness or the fact that he knows i have to clean it up?!

obviously he just is starved!! yeah, right!! :)

vivian and bauer have also really enjoyed their new discovery of riding double. (i know the picture is blurry, but their faces say it all!)

hbl and vivian on their hogs....HIL-AR-I-OUS!!!!!!

this sign totally cracked me up at funland. my dad fits ALL of these things except pregnant woman. teehee...really...it kills me.
clif and vivian on the helicopters. she got off and said, "mom...that was too much fun!!"
bauer holds the train tickets for me...what a great helper.
daddy and the kids on the train.
playing at the park...
playing together...
what a big big boy!! (sniff, sniff.)
aunt addie came for a visit, spent sunday afternoon, and even stayed for ice cream on the front stoop...YUM!
since vivian got a big girl bike for her bday we have been spending a lot of time outside.
she and daddy are working hard at mastering the big hill in front of the house!

and there you have it folks. a small slice of the last couple of weeks. and here is the big news. after careful thought i have decided to privatize the blog. this is not to say that i don't love my blog stalkers :) i TOTALLY do. i actually have received so many nice compliments, and comments concerning my little take on this world, but for several different reasons (not to get too preachy) i think it is time. so i would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to send me your email at clifday1@aol.com , i will gladly add you to the list. i'll probably wait a week or so...or you can also leave it in the comments. so that is all for now...hope you enjoyed the "catsup" (btw, what is up with that weirdo word? ICK!!)


CathyBB said...

Wow! You promised 20 photos and I got 25! Best "random" post I've ever seen! I especially love the Cheerios photos!

Do I really need to ASK to be on the permitted list? ;)

The Skinner's said...

I have been wanting to make mine private as well! But its just too much trouble right now & I never have time to invite everyone!
There are people out there (no names mentioned) that love to "stalk" my blog but I can't look @ their's...........what's up with that! So,with that said, PLEASE,OH PLEASE Somer add me!! (ha)
I love the new pics..........ya'll have been busy!

Jenny said...

lots of stuff going on! it's great! love all the photos! you have my email, right? xoxo

ps. i noticed that some of my past comments were never published. maybe i type too fast. oh well ...

Beth said...

Please add me! I love to look at your blog! My e-mail is bethEEE98@hotmail.com

Susan said...

Add me of course! Duh! :)
Great pics.

Megan said...

Charlie has always wanted my blog to be private, so I might do that before too long. Of course I want to still be able to keep up with the Days! Add me please.

Jill said...

Eli would love to keep up with everything Bauer is up too!!! You can add us to the list! You guys have been busy!!!

Stacia said...

I have had the same thought. a girl at work said I could find your child at school within 5 minutes of reading, scarey huh? Add me =)

melissa said...

Even though I don't know you...I enjoy your blog! If you don't mind adding a stranger :) my e-mail is makaintz@gmail.com...and I'll add you to mine. I just went private as well for "professional" reasons. Google has gotten out of hand. I should have done a post like you did...I don't want to keep fellow bloggers out!

katandkarl said...

love the cheeeeeerios.


Miss Lori said...

Thanks for adding me to your list. I LOVE reading your blog and seeing your pictures of those adorable kiddos.

Stacia said...

I received your approval but cant seem to get it right, it keeps saying error =(