Sunday, September 7, 2008

labor day zoo trip

i know...i are STUNNED that we went to the zoo ;) BUT on labor day we thought it might be a good idea. bauer is finally big enough to enjoy the animals, not just the stroller ride. he even is kind enough to point out things to his mother.

like the clif and bauer version of the apes. they are too cute...and look how much the baby has grown!

vivian has grown too...she ASKED to ride the camel this trip (a first), and was LOVING it (definitely more than her mother).

although i don't think she expected this photo... ;)

bauer enjoyed the camel break, and took the opportunity to re-hydrate himself...with his sister's drink.

oh, i love these beautiful creatures. i think they must know....they were so close we could pet them (almost).

and apparently the love is genetic. no one wanted to look at the camera when they were around.

we ended the day with a little train ride (another first) and one of our fellow riders even took our picture (ok, it's blurry, but we are all looking and THAT is pretty impressive!).


CathyBB said...

Ooooh love the new blog colors. =)

The picture of you and Bauer at the top if my new favorite. That is beautiful!

I'm not so sure about this camel-riding thing, though... shouldn't you have a helmet? Seatbelt? Parachute? SOMEthing? JUST kidding, it's adorable. And I won't tell Bobbie. ;)

Stephanie Reeves said...

Ditto Cathy on the new blog colors. Of course, I always love the combo of red and turquoise. Vivian is looking so "big girl" in these latest photos..... What's up with that ape photo? I think he's holding a corn cob but it looked a little scary at first. Hee hee! =)

Susan said...

I noticed that about the ape too, Stephanie. Glad you pointed it out! Hehe. Like the new blog make-over as well.