Sunday, September 7, 2008

new and old loves...

while daddy was traveling this week we discovered many new things:

bauer LOVES his new thomas the train shirt. it even makes choochoo noises. thanks benderlings! AND his new bday blocks...thanks, reeves!

mommy loves sunshine (and has a whole new respect for noah), and gets a little stir crazy after 72 straight hours of rain (with no other adult supervision). hence the quiznos cup photo shoot.

this is vivian's new vanna of her new greatest loves.

and speaking of new great loves....gymnastics! look at that gal on the beam!

and a chin up! can you do that?! (lord knows, i can't!)

and mommy's oldest love...taking an insane number of pictures of those gorgeous kiddos!


CathyBB said...

So this person I know just left me a comment in numbers and I thought I'd return the favor! ;)

1. Do you think the picture of Bauer looks like Jackson? Maybe it's the hair - those genes are kicking in! ;)

2. I am 100% in favor of the Vanna posing.

3. What are you talking about? I do 100 chin-ups a day... NOT! =) Miss Vivian is a champ!

4. I am also in favor of the scads of photos!

Susan said...

Can I take credit for the Vanna pose?! I think I taught her it with the new playhouse at B's party.