Sunday, September 14, 2008

vivian is THREE...

and saturday, we celebrated with a party that was under the sea!

complete with a mermaid dress! but let's back up a bit...

first, we went to pick up the balloons for the party (yes, she wore her cheerleading outfit), i decided it was time she had her first donut. she picked a very pretty, purple, sprinkle one....yum!

soon it was time for our party guest to arrive. harrison baker was our first arrival, and obviously a BIG hit!

popa and dotdot were next, and offered to take care of the babies as the other guests arrived. (doesn't jon embry look so tiny next to our big one year old?)

everyone looked so festive. aunt su wore her beachy buffet beads...
and surfer dude setler enjoyed hanging out with cool man ben dillman.

when everybody arrived we played pin the tail on the mermaid and colored under the sea creatures. then we had a very appropriate lunch of fish sticks and shells mac-n-cheese. soon it was time to cut the cake.

is everyone smiling in this picture? hallelujah!! :)

and here are some close-ups of the cake. it was amazing. bluecake company you ROCK!

next vivian wanted to open presents...

she got so much great stuff! thanks to everyone for their overwhelming generosity.

daddy even got a chance to try out some of vivan's new toys.

one of the coolest was this neat art set from the loibner boys. here wilson is explaining to vivian, ruby and myself how it works.

the biggest surprise of the day came from gege and pawpaw. they bought vivian seven tiny little goldfish. she LOVED it!!!

when everyone left we put the kids down for their naps and this is what i found about five minutes later. i would say that is a sign of a VERY successful birthday!! ;)


Susan said...

we had a blast. I especially appreciate the detail to theme! Thanks for the chocolate take-home cake. Delicious! I'll send ya a pic of Setler as a surfer dude!

Beth said...

What a fun party!! I love the cake and Vivian's dress!

CathyBB said...

Oh I even love the dress MORE now! Well done! =)

Looks like she had a great time - congratulations!

John, Shannon, and Jackson: said...

Looks like it was a great time - sorry we missed it! We finally have electricity again.

Tony, Jennifer, and Nick said...

What an awesome cake! It looks like something from Ace of Cakes on the food network... Tell Vivian we all say hello! Hope to see you guys soon:)