Friday, September 19, 2008

a flashback\preview

huh?! i know it is a bit of a confusing title...BUT bear with me. today we had the kid's pictures made by a professional photographer. this is really a first for us (except for craig who is addie's fiance' who made last year's christmas card photo). whitney loibner did the honors...and she was AMAZING!! check out some of her work. she also happens to be the mother of two great boys (one of whom has been in vivian's class the last three years), and was SO kind and patient with a one and three year old.

so in anticipation of the new photos i went in search of the old. here are my sweet bedtime babies in january 2008. look how much they have grown! good to know the love still continues!! :)


CathyBB said...

Oh gosh... I was seriously thinking this picture had to be older than JANUARY!!! They both have grown so much! It is amazing, isn't it???

Btw, I thank you for tiding me over with posts until Monday night. ;)

Amy & Daniel Day said...

So come on... what is your password to see the pictures. The suspense is killing me. I'm not on the Christmas card list so no reason for me to have to wait :)

Amy & Daniel Day said...

Nevermind, I figured it out. #33 is my favorite and I love the boots. So sweet! Next month we are getting Lilli's pictures done for her birthday/Christmas cards and I can hardly wait!