Wednesday, October 22, 2008

pumpkin patch KNEW the pictures were coming!!!

the 2008 pumpkin shot. in case you forgot check this out....can you believe how much difference one year makes?!

this year we ventured a little further from home, and were joined by the james' and the loibner's. i must add that ALL of the crew were amazingly well behaved.
we had a nice hayride to the pumpkin patch...

where the kids got to choose a pumpkin they could carry. sorry little baby bauer, i don't think so... maybe next year.

ummmm....maybe next year for you too, miss vivian.
apparently, my little ones think they are BIG kids...bauer does look like big stuff in his overalls!! ;)
ok, so maybe mommies had to help everyone pick pumpkins. :)
this little baby didn't seem to mind....he was having a great time either way.
then it was back to play, run through hay bale tunnels, pet animals, and eat lunch.
everyone really enjoyed themselves....don't you think?! :)


CathyBB said...

1. I've been WAITING. ;)

2. LOVE the flashback to last year... of course.

3. That close-up is my new favorite picture of Bauer.

4. Stellar bow. =)

5. I'm very relieved to see the livestock... a friend in Wisconsin went to a pumpkin patch this weekend that had a "petting zoo" with a TIGER behind a chain-link fence. I'm totally serious!

Beth said...

Cute pictures! I love going to pumpkin patches, especially ones with hayrides. I haven't been to one in AGES though!

Stacia said...

look at those little punkin's!! Such cuties! I AM BACK, YAAAAY!!!

Anonymous said...

i love the pumpkin patch pictures they are so sweet mawday

Susan said...

Fabuloous pics. Our trip to the patch has been delayed, but it will happen. Where'd ya'll go?