Monday, November 17, 2008

party, playdate, party, playdate, repeat....

lately that seems like all we do...but i'm not complaining! :)

last week we met the reeves' at the museum of discovery. the girls were so excited to see each had been TOO long.

bauer had a GREAT time trying to build a little house. (ok, so he just played king of the mountain, but he still enjoyed himself!)

the week before we went to the zoo with miss p and her sweet sophia, who is a year older than vivian.

and our gymnastics friends, the whitehead's, met us there, too. it was pretty chilly, but the kiddos didn't seem to mind much!

everyone was so well behaved, they sweetly waved bye bye to the giraffe statues out front.
when the kids were out of school the bible study girls decided to get the kids together for a play date. here are the b's. hanging out and jammin' to fridge dj.
the baby girls. megan, erin, (twins obviously) and bella.
and the "threes". drew, drew, and vivian. how does she command their attention with THAT face?! ;) what IS she doing? oh, well...

then this weekend we had kaitlyn's first birthday. vivian LOVED the jumper!

bauer just loved being outdoors. (i KNOW, i promise i bought the kid a new coat that night...i had no idea he had grown so much!)

we also had cousin jackson's second birthday. he and vivian had a great time in the cars at the park.
vivian (as usual) really enjoyed the cupcakes.
seeeee....i told you i bought the kid a better coat!

popa bought jackson an enormous fire was a BIG hit! we have been having such a great time lately it has just been really hard to find the time to post. thanks for hanging in there, and bearing with me. i promise to get back to my old ways soon... :)


Susan said...

Love Vivian's fall attire. She has some of the cutest outfits. Hope you're saving those for your future niece...No we're not preggo, but are having a girl next.

CathyBB said...

Wow that's a lot of pics! You know if I did this, it would have been 37 separate posts, at least. ;)