Wednesday, December 31, 2008

26, 27, 28...2008 wrap up

with lots of toys, friends and family on hand the holidays were lots of fun....

but folks, by the 26th our poor real tree had seen better days. it was TIIIIME!!! so as vivian and bauer played, clif and i began to disassemble.
some of my vast glass ornament collection...
and vivian's amazing gingerbread house were the hardest to pack up, but by mid afternoon...
all of our christmas pretties were tucked away in their labeled little homes. :)
the next day we headed to the mulhearn's to eat dinner, while vivian and setler loved on each other...
bauer loved on a bean burrito.
but after bath time, and ANOTHER snack, the three decided to have a little cousin pose time.

they even sat long enough to let aunt su read them a story.
on the 28th we skipped church, vivian and i spent the day doing our art projects. mine included repurposing old frames and a mirror. hers included three different pieces of mixed media named: jungle salad, sammie, and toilet. seriously, this is what she told me.

then during a brief hiatus from her ode to warhol. we finished a big canvas for the playroom (picture soon to appear). thank goodness popa and dotdot called and invited us over for bean soup, because while vivian and i had been painting the boys were watching football, and everyone forgot about dinner....oooops!
the 29th included lots or errands, but luckily we were joined by our cool aunt cyn from california!! we even got to take her to lunch.
so there you have it. the year's end wrap up. we wish each of you have a very happy, and healthy new year!! see you in 2009!!!


John, Shannon, and Jackson: said...

Those are some of the cutest kiddos ever! Glad everyone had a good holiday.

Stephanie Reeves said...

What?!! You SAVED the gingerbread house!? No NO NO- chunk it!! They are to be enjoyed for 1 season and then we make a new one. Oh girl.... =)