Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas day 2008

check out how much these two have GROWN!!

AND check out santa's spread for these two super spoiled kids....

his sweet elves even managed to assemble the train table that was left at gege and pawpaw's house.
right after checking out the goods, vivian looks at her brother and points to the train and says, "look bowiewowie, santa's elves are MAGIC!" ;)
vivian loved her desk, and all her princess barbies.
bauer enjoyed his newly assembled train tracks.
since santa is SOOO magic, and mommy is SOOO not, we forgot to put cookies out. HOWEVER, santa knew how much vivian and bauer love gingerbread, so for a twist he left them each a cookie with a sweet note. man he is gooood!!!
they both decided cookies sounded good for breakfast (oh what the heck, it IS christmas!).
then it was on to stockings....i guess vivian wasn't too happy with bauer's technique.
"let me give you a hand, bubbie."
it was a great morning. lazy pj "day's" followed by daddy's famous pancake breakfast.

soon after, popa and dotdot arrived with more of santa's goodies.
ooooh, popa is getting a giggle out of the fact that santa left BOTH vivian and bauer guitars. oh goody!!! ;)
rock star vivian took right to hers...
but, bauer preferred a little dotdot loving.
but really it was daddy who rocked out....did i mention they also got a keyboard and microphone....did i mention, oh gooody gooody?!!
then the day's came back to visit. pawpaw quickly agreed to play dominoes even though the rules (made by vivian) were a bit sketchy.
and finally we finished by a visit to nene's house. the kids were super happy to see her...
vivian was excited to give her the jellies she picked out for her...
and bauer.....well, he was just excited!! hope everyone had a very, very, exciting and merry christmas!!! :)


Tony, Jennifer, and Nick said...

I SO loved reading how your Xmas went... I feel like I was there or something?!? Hope you all are doing well:) Happy New Year! :0) Ju Ju

CathyBB said...

Oh Miss Natalie is LOVING the Princess Barbies and guitar. They are truly kindred spirits! =)

I can't tell you how happy I am too that Santa brought the Princess Barbies. Despite the fact that we HAVE all the darn dolls already, I had to stop and oogle them at Target SEVERAL times this Christmas season!

P.S. I like how the guitar is so big on Vivian and so tiny on Clif!

Miss Lori said...

Ms. Somer....do my eyes deceive me or does Miss Vivian have on the reindeer shirt her and I made last year in class?!! What wonderful pictures you took