Tuesday, December 30, 2008

clif's birthday remix

ok, so maybe i am SO far behind in blogging, that i am just now getting around to posting things from clif's b-day. he DID have a great day, though!! he picked to eat dinner at quiznos (i know...i know...)

then vivian and i baked him a football cake, complete with a "q" and a number "32". this was vivian's idea. when i told her it was daddy's birthday she said, "i think he would like a quiznos football cake." the kid knows her father WELL!!

then it was time to open presents. he got a pancake griddle (since he LOVES to make them for the kids), and a custom quiznos razorback shirt! not too shabby, for an old guy in a shower cap!! ;)


CathyBB said...

Happy birthday, Clif! I'm so glad to see this post. The Razorback shirt is a much better look than the shower cap. ;)