Tuesday, December 9, 2008


ok, so maybe...just maaaaybeee, i forgot to publish this little post entitled, "what we have NOT been doing". it was all about how i was a slacker and hadn't "put up" the tree, and finished decorating the house.

how we (bauer, vivian and i) spent an entire day inside last week. (yep, folks that is a RARE thing around here!)

and how it was the best day i can recall in a loooooong time. even sweet little mr. bauer, who is normally so energetic took an extra nap on his "special pallet" that his big sister made for him.
the kids also discovered a new love of the dora car...and shared BEA-Utifully!!

ohhhh, but alas....i must have forgot to post. and by the time i figured it out....this cute little girl was posing in front of...

THE tree!!! :) finally all dressed in it's "mardi gras" glory (that's clif's nickname for the frou frou topper.)

and my mother's nativity...safely displayed on top of my china hutch.

and beautiful little boy's in christmas plaid, posing in front of the tree.
we even managed to rake all the leaves, and finish the outside decorating. (with the help of our noble steed, josie "gigi" griffin.)
and the trash bag counter, vivian. please note: cathy, vivian asked me to go inside and get the camera and take her picture "posed" in front of the bags. i think, i might have created a monster! ;)
for example, last week at school vivian brought home the cutest (and yummiest) gingerbread man. AGAIN, she asked to pose. teeheee....i GUESS i am willing to oblige!
i mean, with two cute and super loving subjects like these...
wouldn't you be willing to pick up the camera?! :)


Mimi said...

So when I need to procrastinate at school, there are several things I do: NYtimes.com, facebook, the Daily Show, and looking at Vivian and Bauer. It's gotten to the point of cuteness that my friends are requesting bauer study breaks. Does that mean if I fail to write my papers it's your kids' fault?

Stacia said...

I love your tree. And I could seriously hang out with these two cuties. They are just so sweet!

CathyBB said...

Hey, how did I miss this post???? I actually, honestly, was going to log on and tease you about not ever posting your tree! =)

Well I think it looks great and I like its frou frou topper... I think of it as big hair for a tree!!!

And you tell that Miss Vivian that Cathy says KEEP POSING!!!

melissa said...

We used to tease my mom for putting "spirts", as we called them, in our Christmas tree. I can now appreciate them as an adult :) Your tree looks great...and your children get cuter with every picture! Merry Christmas!