Thursday, December 11, 2008

thursday night lights

since tonight was one of the warmer nights that we have had recently, (and to celebrate clif's return from denver) we decided to fulfill the long awaited promise of taking the kids to see the neighborhood santa.

i had suspicions that vivian would be afraid, (for the record she has said multiple times that santa's beard in "yucky") but she quickly gave him a hug and thanked him for her candy cane.
we were lucky enough to be joined by the loibner's. all the kids really enjoyed the singing and dancing elves and santa.
but wilson, (being the oldest) quickly mastered their dance, and then kindly demonstrated it for us. well done, wilson!

then it was the younger boy's turn to talk to mr. claus.

back in the warmth of the car, we were able to enjoy more wintery high"lights" (the blow up extravaganza in windsor valley, and the woody's forest display) but decided to call it a night and head to peter's place for hot cocoa. now i ask you...wouldn't you pay $4plus if drinking something could make you look as cute as this kid? he should totally be starbucks new spokesman!! ;) and speaking of spokesperson (not that i am official or anything)...i would just like to add that if you haven't had the signature hot haven't had hot!!!

the three year olds really enjoyed themselves too, and their yummy cookie. thanks guys for going with us, we had lots of fun. we'll have to make it an annual tradition!

oh yeah, i almost forgot...earlier when we were at target (what?! don't you go to target everyday?) vivian saw the adult version of her own elephant pj's and said, "mommy, santa claus would LOOOOOVe it if you had those pj's." ahhh, the power of three year old sweetness. so tonight, after experiencing a big dose of christmas spirit, we donned our matching jammies for the camera....hey, but check out the old lady rockin' the haribow!! ;)


The Skinner's said...

I love the matching jammies!!!!!
I MUST get Katherine & I some! I love the hairbow,too, Somer!
You both look GREAT in blue!
The kiddos are getting so big & grown-up! Sad isn't it???

CathyBB said...

I had all sorts of things I wanted to say but the matching-jammies picture just pushed everything out of my head. Love it! And I WANT SOME! =) Seriously, Natalie and I are both in need of new winter PJs... if she sees this picture it's a done deal. Oh, but alas, we only have one blue hairbow. Bummer! ;)

But I must say - you know how much I love Starbucks - and they can get credit for the "happy" but Bauer gets credit for the "cute." That's all him!

CathyBB said...

P.S. For the record, I do NOT go to Target every day.

I go twice a day.

Susan said...

I love how Santa is winking in that first pic. Cute stuff.

Jenny said...

That last picture of you and Vivian in matching PJ's is **too cute** for words. Seriously. :-) xoxo

whitney said...

I went to Target 2 times yesterday and once today. I am going for a record this week.

We had a great time. thanks for the pics, e-mail some to me when you get a chance.

Stacia said...

Teh jammies are GREAT!
Thank you for your sweet message~ I am keeping a positive attitude =)
Your favorite stalker~

Kelly said...

yeah I'm in and HOW CUTE ARE YOU AND VIVIAN IN MATCHING PJ'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

CathyBB said...

Hey there! Isn't it time for you to update? Isn't it time for a birthday post??? ;) I hope you're wearing your "I heart Cliffy" shirt!

My good computer crashed yesterday, Somer... can you tell me how you survived your big new-laptop crash??? Give me a call when you're done partying!