Saturday, January 10, 2009

dear friends

we are so blessed to have the lee's as friends. i have said it before, but i feel utterly amazed at how quickly life has begun to fly by. it seems like only yesterday harrison was born...and yet now we have five kids between our two families!! even beautiful baby jon embry is now able to sit up by herself and is 4 months old!! and sweet baby bauer is CLIMBING on the couch at only 16 months old!!

this trio is also growing in leaps and bounds. harrison will start kindergarten this fall, thomas' vocabulary is out of this world...and miss vivian, well...she is just as sweet as that smile suggests!!
every once in a while i even get them all in one frame....miracles DO happen!! ;)


CathyBB said...

Um yeah, I thought these friends you speak of had LITTLE kids - what's up with these big kiddos? ;) They do all look so sweet!