Friday, January 16, 2009

THE red coat

as usual, the wonderful cousins natalie and cathy have sent us a fantastic package of hand-me-downs. we were especially excited about this new red coat and matching hat we had heard so much about...

isn't it sweet?...wait a minute....

i don't think that is for whom this ensemble was meant!

awwww...what a sweet girl!
and a much more appropriately dressed boy!

off to school! thanks gals!


Susan said...

I was gonna comment on that snazzy ememble in the previous post. I love it. I was especially fond of hats as a little girl myself. She's too cute. She pulls the bow off much better than Aretha Franklin did!

CathyBB said...

Tee hee! I'm so glad you warned me about that photo!

Natalie says Vivian looks "so cuuuute" and she's THRILLED so thanks!!! =)