Thursday, January 22, 2009

tennessee travels

and we were visit the in-laws new digs in clarksville.

the kids were FANTASTIC in the car. we drove three hours, stopped, ate and played for an hour, and then drove the remaining two hours.

over the next few days joan and i did lots of "decorating" and other organizational things...but don't worry...the kids found ways to amuse themselves.

there were two very popular items:

a bunch of fake flowers and old lampshades. seriously, they did this all on their own...NO prompting!
at first bauer was content to just laugh at sister....

then he decided to try it on for size! unfortunately it was SO cold (two days it didn't get above single digits) we didn't get to explore much (and for some reason i didn't take many pictures), but we had lots of great food and even better company. soon it was time to make the trip home. this is the last shot i took...

why i felt i needed a shot of the kid's in the mcd's line?! who knows....


CathyBB said...

1. Oooh the coat, the coat, the coat! See I TOLD you Vivian is way cuter in hats than Miss Natalie!

2. I love the lampshade and flowers!

3. You didn't take pictures because it's January and it's too cold. See? This is why my blog is suffering. =P

4. Uh hello, you needed a shot of the kids in the McD's line because LOOOOK at them! =)