Tuesday, March 31, 2009

daddy play dates

daddy has recently acquired the dallas region. that coupled with a new campaign, means lots of VERY long hours...SOOOO when clif finally got a few days (ok so it was the weekend, but that counts) off. we decided to show him to our world....of play dates!

one day we asked him to meet us at the tube room.

when i asked vivian about how she felt having a play date with daddy...this was her response. i think that means good! ;)

next we took him for a stroll at pinnacle. (this is something clif and i did frequently when dating, but haven't done in while.)

the kids loved it.

but wait....someone is having a moment.

don't worry it was quickly remedied at the playground.

ok, so maybe not....maybe he just needs something cool and refreshing...

so we headed to maggie moo's.
yep....that hit the spot!! :)


the whitehead's said...

where is the tube room?

CathyBB said...

Don't tell Bauer, but I LOVE the "moment" photo. =)

Oooh, Maggie Moo... mmmm. You shouldn't post that so I read it before lunch!

Stacia said...

I love Miss Vivian's red sandals.

Susan said...

I just said the other day that I hadn't been to Pinnacle in FOREVER and want to go. I know hiking with Setler would be rough, but we're always scoping for newplaygrounds. And, we've never been to Maggie Moo's...is that in the Promenade Shopping Center? Fun stuff.