Tuesday, March 31, 2009

first sleepover...

with ruby's brother?! huh? steph and i had been planning to have the girls spend the night together at our house for sometime....BUT sometimes circumstance changes everything. the other night trip NEEDED to come to our house...so vivian had her first ever sleepover....WITH A BOY! they were too cute, and since he got to our house so late (after 10pm) they went right to sleep.
the next morning however, bauer and trip were up to something.

"hey trip, check this out man. this is swiper."
"cool man!"
"yeah, i know...but he will totally take your waffle. so watch out."
"ummmm bauer, are we allowed to eat breakfast on the stairs?"
"sure, trippers....i do it ALL the time!"



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Susan said...

So you had an over-nighter.....ready for the over-weekender coming up in May?! Hope so....Setler sure is!