Tuesday, March 31, 2009

dallas world aquarium

what could cause this sort of reaction?

why....penguins of course!!

the dwa had it ALL! it was a four story rain forest that was VERY interactive (vivian even got pooped on by a bird...ewwww)!

the place was packed, so the kids spent more time than usual in the stroller, but they didn't seem to mind!

vivian did get out to have her picture made next to the stingray and turtles...i didn't get why she wouldn't let go of my hand and seemed so scared until i saw this guy...

oh....i guess i might be a bit scared too, miss vivian!

the sting rays were close enough to touch....but i wasn't encouraging that since his "neighbor" seemed a bit close, too.

in the reef part of the aquarium i asked vivian to please look at the camera...she obliged...in her own way, of course!

next it was off to the night creatures, and sharks...

the whole shark tank was full and amazing...but this was the only shot that came out.

our little family. (please excuse my hair...i mean come on people it was a RAIN forest. it was a bit humid!)

the pink 'mingos...with a top view of the shark tank behind. it was MY favorite place, i would highly recommend it...

and i think these silly gooses would too!


CathyBB said...

I'm not over the bird poop yet.

Susan said...

Is that an alligator on Vivian's smocked dress? She and you look especially cute in all pics. Love the dresses. I'm gonna be doing a lot of them this summer I think. My legs aren't up for shorts anymore.