Monday, March 9, 2009


seven years ago today, clif and i said i know how i like to after much digging...i present...."happy SCANnivesary"!

this is THE official license. it has been missing for the last six years, but i found it today. it was mixed in with some old love letters from clif. i thought about scanning them...but the truth is they are just too personal. but here are a few of my favorite lines...

"i want to be you knight in shining armour,
and not an arm-pit stained shirt wearing farmer.
i promise to not let this bump perpetuate,
but defeat it like momo liking a dinner plate."

"one month ago we said our i do's...
an in a million months you will make me kookoo!"

what can i say...the man knows how to work wonders with words!! ;) i also found a little something i made for clif for our 2nd anniversary. ohhhh the EXTRA time on my hands before children.

i love you cliffy, happy happy happy year number 7!!


CathyBB said...

I should have read this post before the one that got me all teary! It is so darn cute and funny but precious, too! I think the wallpaper is the best part! =)

jenny said...

This post is probably one of my favorites ever! It is so sweet! I love the cards and lines of poetry. I remember your wedding with fond memories, and it's been wonderful seeing you two grow together. Congrats!

Cilla Clark said...

I got teary with this's almost 7 for me too. I remember when we were working together at ACH (all those late nights) while you were planning the wedding and caring for your mom. I miss you and all the good times. Take care and hope you had a great day.

Stacia said...

That is so neato! Happy Anniversary!