Saturday, May 2, 2009


god bless his heart, clif has been on the road NON-STOP since easter! life just isn't the same without our daddy, so we decided to hit the road, too. the kids and i drove to fayetteville for the weekend and we had a little mini-family-vacation!

our little family, together again!!

miss vivian insisted on having her picture made by the hotel fountain.
since i hadn't done a lot of planning beforehand, we just happened upon a shogun's friday night. clif and i both remembered how much in awe we were of this place as kids...and thought it might be cool and entertaining for OUR we took a chance.

it was a huge success!! can you see bauer's tiny hand holding the chopstick and demanding "my food, MY food!"

yep, still asking even when i am trying to take his picture! ;)

vivian was a bit more cooperative! :)

the next day clif had to work, and it was too gloomy to do anything outside, so we got dressed...

and headed to a local, two story, fancy, toy store. it was VERY cool, and kept the kids entertained for a good hour and a half.

after a quick lunch and nap. we all put on our swimsoups....well, bauer needed some help. ;)

and headed to the indoor pool. after almost too much fun, we decided to have a lazy evening and ordered the very appropriately named razorback pizza.

it was a great weekend getaway, and a wonderful time with daddy. i think we may do this more often!!


CathyBB said...

What a great trip... and please thank Miss Vivian for her posing. I just love it. =)

jenny said...

two words: water wings! i love 'em! hotel trips are always fun! i'm getting hungry reading your blog...