Saturday, May 2, 2009

this and that and this....

all too often i don't post because i can't think of how to tie all the pictures into a story. so here is a little bit of this and that....lovely pictures i want very much in the children's memories (and of course in mine)!

"the viv-ster and the rub-ster." best of friends and always happy to see the other. what a blessing this whole family has been in our lives in so many ways....we are truly blessed!

"picture day." ok, so everyday is picture day around here...but this was an especially sweet one.

"big bauer's beverage." what can i say? the kid LOVES lemonade (which he asks for by name with perfect pronunciation).

"granbauer's truck." playing in the back of grandad bauer's truck (which now belongs to popa). i am so very grateful that grandad met vivian. i wish every day he could have seen both of his great grand sons. but in particular this photo gave me a giggle, thinking of him watching them play in his old truck. :)

"bathing soup queen." for some reason vivian has always called them "soups" not "suits". i am sure time will correct her, but for now clif and i always smile and wink at each other when she says it. the other day she was playing upstairs and asked me to get the camera ready. i said i was ready....and this is what i saw. ;) notice lo-he also has on a soup. teehee!!!


CathyBB said...

That picture of Vivian and Ruby is fantastic. It will be PRICELESS in about 13 years.

We had our kids' Grandpa-Great's truck, too and we have similar photos from Luke's 2nd birthday!! So cute.

Susan said...

Mom and Dad still laugh that I called a bathing suit a "bakin' suit" when I was's pretty accurate though, huh?