Thursday, July 23, 2009

bridal me

yep, i did it. i posted pics of me...bridal style. i can hardly believe it myself. not that i am ashamed, i still think my dress is lovely, and my hair and veil quite timeless...but let's be honest folks....this somer, for all practical purposes, doesn't really exist anymore. and you know what? that is ok with me.

in the last eight years since these photos were taken, i have experienced a lot of...well, life! and i have realized this was but just one day. a special one, don't get me wrong...but it has been all the days that followed that really have made my marriage, and life in general, pretty darn amazing. when i was single i thought of me, when i was a newlywed i thought of we, and i can't imagine thinking of anyone but them: clif, vivian and bauer. and i wouldn't have it any other way.


Kelly said...

Your dress was BEAUTIFUL!!! And you looked awesome!
But I think you are even prettier today if I'm being honest!

jenny said...

you were beautiful then, and i think you've grown even more beautiful. what a special day! thanks for all the blog updates and keeping us updated. it was wonderful talking to you on the phone last night and catching up on everything at once. send me love to everyone. xoxo

CathyBB said...



Susan said...

Did you rent a wind machine for your portraits? Jk, but love the blowing veil aspect.

lhicks said...

Hey Somer,
It was great to see you the other day. Let's get together soon.

As for this post, I remember this day. It was a fun (but long!) day and you did look beautiful!