Thursday, July 23, 2009


i have always known i am a very blessed girl, some days more than others (can you say $410 door repair bill?). but on tuesday night i got a little photographic evidence of just how blessed i am. because i have the....shall we call it..."talent" ;) of having never met a stranger, i find myself carrying on random conversations with people all over town. it was during an ic paper sale, i found another stranger with the same affliction: miss james. who knew a blog stalker could turn into such a sweet friend?!

and at around the same time, i cornered a kind, quiet mother in vivian's class, and started gabbing away...then *poof*, another dear friend emerged. two years later (and seven kids in total, baby d was taking a nap), here we are. sharing dinners of pbj and grilled cheese while the husbands are out of town on business. thanks gals, you make tuesdays and everyday blessed!
(oh, yeah...and did i mention the added blessing of miss loibner's photography, she took these AWESOME shots! check her out!)


CathyBB said...

I love these group shots... and the frequent posts! =)