Wednesday, July 29, 2009

dear mr. president,

vivian, for some reason, has always been fascinated with our 44th president. recently, she began asking me if she could visit him. after explaining how very far he lived from our house, and how extremely busy he would be....she decided it might be better if we wrote him a letter. i smiled, and agreed, thinking this was just a typical three (almost four) year old...and most certainly a conversation that would be quickly forgotten. i was wrong! for almost a week, she has consistently asked me if today was the day we would write a letter to president obama. finally, i said, "sure, let's do it!" so she sat down, and dictated the following letter:

Dear Mr. President,
My name is Vivian. I am three, but I will be four soon. I am sending you a picture. I hope you like it. And I hope you will say thank you, and send a letter back to me, because I worked very hard. I love you.
Vivian Caroline Day
P.S. The picture is from my baby brother, Bauer, too, but he doesn't draw as good as me, yet.

i, of course, typed dutifully and giggled quietly. i helped her spell his name, but she wrote and drew it completely by herself. please take note of his strong muscles, her booboo, and the american flag. quite nice composition, if you ask me. ;) definitely worth a reply!!


m-m-m-melissa said...

HOLY TOLEDO. that's the cutest thing ever. seriously. cutest. thing. EVER. i hope someone sends something back to her!!! :)

katandkarl said...

:) adorable.

CathyBB said...

Tee hee! I like how TALL Vivian is! =) This had darn well better get a reply!!!

Jill said...

Too cute, love Barak's muscles (never noticed them in real life)! Very impressive and definitely worth a reply back!

Susan said...

He also has big the pic and real life. She's observant.

Really mail it; I bet you do get something back. I sent a wedding invitation to the white house and recieved a card back. I'm sure it was from Mr. and Mrs. Bush themselves! :)

jenny said...

that is so adorable, and a very well phrased letter! good for her! i love the big ears! :-)