Wednesday, July 15, 2009

nebraska or bust....vacation 2009

finally....after a MONTH i was able to find a little extra time to organize the vacation pictures. i know it might seem odd we spent our summer vaca in nebraska....BUT, my dear sweet yankee cousin cathy lives there with her family...and well, we have been dreaming about getting our kids together, since, well.....we were kids!! ;) it was a wonderful trip!!! we stopped overnight in kansas city....

i guess you could say somebody loves free pancake breakfast...huh?!

maybe even more than one somebody?

please don't ask me why, but miss vivian MUST have her picture taken by any and every fountain. i am always happy to oblige! :)

and of COURSE, we swam in the pool....

have we ever passed up an opportunity to wear our swimsuits? (the day's would disown us, for sure!)

next it was on to fritz's. this little restaurant delivers food to your table via train. it is a child's DREAM!
they also have complimentary conductor hats for all the little ones...
and big ones...i do believe he is even making choochoo noises. ;)

and the food wasn't bad either! we also visited the crayola store and stocked up on lots of cool stuff, however we were on a mission....nebraska here we come!!!


CathyBB said...

Woo hoo! I'm so excited to see these posts!

Not a good sign, though, I'm already all teary about Miss Vivian's pre-accident photos. God bless that little pumpkin!

CathyBB said...

Natalie and Nick are here with me now, checking out the posts, too and they are so glad to see the Fritz photos! We went there a couple of weeks ago and they say "we hope you had fun!" =)