Thursday, July 16, 2009

daddy day recap

actually, it was more like a weekend, than just a day ('cause that's how long it takes to celebrate our fantastic dad!! hehee)!!! we started on saturday, and went to this place called playtime pizza. basically it is a huge arcade with an INDOOR race track, mini golf, bumper cars, etc. we stuck to the simple stuff, but won over 400 tickets (which turns out to be worth about four peices of candy...but about two and a half hours of fun...not a bad trade.)

clif and vivian had a VERY serious water gun race, and then he bestowed upon his daughter the infinite wisdom that has been passed down for generations....
the secrets of being an air hockey god (or goddess)!
on sunday daddy picked our lunch spot (believe it or not, it wasn't the q), outback. it was a wonderful weekend, filled with the greatest gift....time with our favorite guy. happy father's day, #17....we love you!!!!


CathyBB said...

Oh I LOVE the booth-photos of the family. WAY too cute!

I love the air hockey picture too... the table looks SO little next to Clif and SO huge next to Miss Vivian! =) And look at her loving her daddy in the last picture. What a great day for a deserving dad!

Susan said...

Love the old school mall-booth pictures! Didn't realize they still had thouse. Super cool!