Wednesday, July 15, 2009 four

in no particular order....

the children build their own bird nest (the eggs are keeping warm under the leaves).

vivian gets up close and personal with some zebras.

the long (and oh so cute) walk to the eco-friendly museum.

not so excited about posing with the tiger.
attempt #972 at a group shot.

girls posing in front of their new friend.

uh-oh....big girl in the picture!

playing at being paleontologists.

boys DO love dinosaurs!!

bauer isn't quite sure about walking on these fossils....even if his big buddy, luke is there to help!
yes, we are southern. no, we have never see sledding ramps before. and YES, my kids slid down them like slides. so what?! ;)


CathyBB said...

1. LOL... Group shot attempt #972... I have no defense; it's all true! =)

2. Dang... just looking at these all together makes me a bit tired! We were busy!

3. I loved the sledding ramp photos!

4. Thanks again for the fantastic dresses! ;)