Thursday, July 16, 2009

the post "a.a."

this past weekend we attempted to return to our normal life...or as normal as possible after a traumatic brain injury! ;) i must say a very witty woman said to me, "i KNOW you are hugging your kids a little tighter nowadays!" honey, you have NO idea. someday (because this blog is my documentation on my children's lives) i will have an entire post about what happened, but for now, it is just too fresh. i will say this: i consider myself a woman of science AND faith. often the two are hard to mesh....but last sunday night, without a doubt, we witnessed a miracle. the statistics of science\medicine were against us, but god was with us, and what an amazing, generous, and good god he is. thanks again for all of your prayers....we couldn't have made it without them!! and now, back to your regularly scheduled daily dose of day children... :)

saturday was vivian's bff ruby's birthday, and we helped celebrate with a barbie brunch.
it was really cute and very girly, but the brothers didn't seem to mind, they just sported their matching pink polos, and hung with each other. ;)

also on saturday, was sweet caroline's 1st bday, unfortunately for us it was a water-themed party (yep, THE booboo can't get wet) so we had to skip it. we did stop by beforehand and give the bday girl her gift, and amy sweetly had cookies, cupcakes and goody bags ready for the kids. bauer loved his glasses, but was so worn out from partying with his buddy, trip, that when we got home this is what we found. :)
and speaking of booboos not getting wet, here is my latest "mommy trick" do you get a 3 1/2 year old to hold still while you wash her hair in the kitchen sink? BRIBERY!!! (yep, i'm not above it!) happy kiddo+washed hair=happy mommy.


CathyBB said...

I was going to try to be pithy and say thanks for waiting to do "the" post because III for one am still trying to wrap my head around it, ha ha ha... but wow, Somer.

You know that I've been thinking about Vivian SO much since the accident, but let me tell you, this is the first real glimpse of her incision. The first "after" photos did not show the entire incision and I am overwhelmed all over again. Don't get me wrong - the sutures ARE fantastic and it is healing beautifully, but as you well know, for the last week I have just been running the facts through my head over and over and over, but this picture just really hit me. It just makes it SO clear... SHE HAS BEEN SO BLESSED!

So I couldn't put "the" post into words, either. For now it's okay to just keep saying THANK YOU, GOD!

P.S. It goes without saying... I fully support the use of bribery!!!! ;)