Thursday, July 16, 2009

a post "b.a."

a quick recap for the last part of june and first part of july. (aka before accident.)

every SINGLE day this was our mo. we got up, were at the pool for private swim lessons by 9:30. swam until around 11, ate picnic lunch, played until one, came home ate popcorn (while watching scooby doo), and napped. what a SPECTACULAR life!!!!

don't ya think?!

occasionally we would mix it up....with playdates with friends, museum visits, or...
an old school nintendo tournament. i am talking rc proam, original mario, and tetris folks.
such intensity!!!! ;)


CathyBB said...

Are those not the cutest kids? Bauer looks so grown up in that top photo... and are those his momma's eyes or what??? =)

Love the intensity in the last shot, too. What a riot!

P.S. Are you sure this post wasn't meant to be titled, "See, Cathy? The size-12M swimsoup coverup STILL fits Vivian"? ;)