Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the vivians & a raja report

today was our return appointment for neurosurgery and another ct. can you believe this big girl is SUCH a pro that again (yep, this is our third ct in a month) she didn't need to be strapped down!! she just held perfectly still and sang abc's, victor viggo, and (of course) hannah montana with her silly mommy!! the radiology tech (ironically also named vivian) was SO proud. she couldn't help but brag on her!!

next it was on to see dr. raja. let me just say, i have known ALOT of surgeons...ALOT!!! and this one, he is just amazing! i cannot believe how his mannerisms remind me of my dear friend, dr. srini. he is just so kind and gentle with vivian....and concerned with not just the big picture (correcting the fracture), but the small one as well (how he took the time to perform ALL subcutaneous sutures for minimal scarring). i have NO doubt, he was working with guidance from god. what a blessing. and speaking of BIG blessings: we are ALL CLEAR! ct, as read by raja, looks great, incision looks great, no more anti seizure meds, no more antibiotics, and no more swimming. ok, so i could have done without that last one...but i'll live! ;) unless there are complication, we are free to resume normal life after an additional 6 weeks. praise god!!!


Kelly said...

God is good!!!!!!

And you and Vivian both look so cute! Love your necklace and her boots!

Cilla Clark said...

Hallelujah!! We do a surgery with him in the next week or so...Glad to know he's so good to Vivian.
God is really good, all the time.. Glad she is cleared.

CathyBB said...

While I appreciate my live report, I still feel the need to say, "WOOOO HOOOOO!" =)