Wednesday, August 5, 2009

nashville visit #2

last weekend we headed out of town to see the grandparents. it was lots of fun, but i only took a few pictures (i know....the horror!!). gege did think to have the kid's picture made outside at the BEGINNING of the day (smart move gege, before the stains of lunch and playtime).

of course, we made a stop by the rainforest cafe (vivian's pick), and mommy did a little back to school shopping. that night there was some much needed "sugar bowl" tasting. ;)
i think these girls like each other just a teeny tiny bit.
don't worry....she loves her pawpaw, too!
the next morning we locked the kids in the bomb shelter and had a little time to ourselves. jk, we took them to the custom house museum and to downtown square.
the entire basement of the museum was set up for toddler play....including a very cool supermarket....

where MANY groceries were purchased.

and two HUGE model trains were on display. (look you see his little finger pushing the button, and his little mouth forming the choochoo noise?)

this was by FAR bauer's favorite part! as expected we had a great time, and it went by WAY to fast! thanks gege and pawpaw....we love you!


jenny said...

ohhhh! i love model trains!

Susan said...

Cool. We'll have to check this place out in a couple weeks. Mom told me about it, and I looked up the website, but they totally didn't make it sound this cool. They need a better PR person. We're also gonna hit up Opry Mills. Were there any great deal places? I always love OshKosh for kids.

CathyBB said...

Natalie is so happy to see Miss Vivian looking so good! Me too. =)

I covered up the text and made the kids guess what sound Bauer was making in his photo, and they called it... hilarious! That is a cute one!

CathyBB said...

Hey... this says Nashville #2... where is the Nashville #1 post??? ;)